Morning Show (Day 1) | Ready for Industrie 4.0

We start the K 2016 with the first Morning Show. Topic of the day is “Ready for Industrie 4.0”.

A current example of application of Industry 4.0 has been supplied by sports goods producer Adidas with its “Speedfactories”. The Speedfactory combines design and production of sports goods in an extensively automated, decentralised and flexible production process. The company thereby creates new possibilities on how, where and when its products are produced.

“Behind the idea of the Speedfactory stand our efforts to offer customers shoes that are matched to their needs, anywhere in the world. Industry 4.0 is the driving force for this”, said Dr Christopher Holmes, Director Materials Engineering in the Future Team of Adidas in the VDMA TV Pavilion.

Following a pilot line in its local plant in Herzogenaurach, Adidas is planning a yet another such line in Germany and one in Atlanta in den USA. “Our vision is to set up Speedfactories throughout the world. Only with Industry 4.0 has such automated, decentralised production become at all possible”, said Dr Holmes.