K-PROFI international

K-PROFI international issue 1 / 2023

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Interest in and within Switzerland undiminished
“Swiss Plastics Expo” was able to maintain the number of visitors at more than 4,000

Each piece is unique
How P.A.C.K. Flightcases provides the event industry with tailor-made transport packaging

Low-manpower and highly automated
How dairy and food packaging is produced at Fernholz in a matter of seconds

It’s worth taking a look behind the facade
How Parat manufactures exterior and interior components for commercial vehicles, caravans and co with Class A surfaces for different stresses and strains

“LSP is the ultimate in energy efficiency”.
Re-PET reorientates itself and taps into the European strapping market

Electrostatic precipitator instead of afterburning
How Valeo Wischersysteme clean their vulcanisation exhaust air in an energy-saving way

What does a leprechaun have to do with film recycling?
How Südpack and Vorwerk recycle plastic together

Nano foam absorbs mega amount of liquid
High-tech company develops new class of material for diverse applications

The single-product injection moulding machine
Why PlastiVation develops application-specific machines

“We are currently in a hot phase”
How ClingTech Bionics is opening up new fastening solutions with bionic suckers

General AI euphoria
Why we must not get in our own way