K-PROFI international

K-PROFI international issue 4 / 2023

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“Electrification will be used wherever possible”
Professor Reinhard Schiffers on the status and prospects of electrification in injection moulding technology

Showing what is already possible
How Röchling Medical wants to bring more sustainability into product development

“This is an incredibly good connection”
How insert technology specialist Kurz simplifies media-tight overmoulding

One-shot system for iron rings and magnets?
What magnetisable plastics can contribute to electrification

Food from the recycling tray?
The Faerch Group’s integrated recycler is driving the transition to recyclable food packaging

Quick visual inspection instead of time-consuming disassembly
How Alpla uses electrostatics to speed up colour changes during injection moulding

Into the future with direct current
How renewable energies can be utilised without conversion losses and how independence can be expanded

“Only to order”
How the full-range supplier Kahmann & Ellerbrock supplies its customers with technical parts

Procrastination costs more